While Hakuho-ryu embodies a near perfect method for controlling and stopping violence it does not include any form of competitive fighting. Rather than focus on the fighting aspects of the techniques Hakuho-ryu focuses on understanding the relationship between the mind and the body. Knowledge of how the body moves leads to the ability to understand how the mind works. Understanding how the mind works then enables one to find harmony between the mind and body, which is the ultimate goal of Hakuho-ryu.

To achieve this harmony one must first study how use the hands and feet. Next one studies how the hands and feet can be coordinated with the movements of the body. Finally one studies how energy is exchanged in the body when it is subjected to various outside forces. For example look at the way the body can be moved when the wrist is grabbed. When grabbed a person may try to push or pull away from the attacker by using strength and “kicking off” with either their front or back foot to take a step. If, however, the hands and feet work fluidly together through the body then the amount of energy used to move the foot can be exchanged with energy used to pull the hand in the opposite direction. This balanced exchange of energy allows one to move without using muscle or “kicking off” with either foot. Instead the knees become relaxed and gravity becomes the force that moves the body in the desired direction.

Once one begins to feel the energy exchange between the hands, feet, and body then the link between the mind and body can begin to develop. Your body and another’s body; your mind and another’s mind can come to exist in a state of harmony. Harmony does not always mean agreement. Rather, it means the joining of the energies that exist inside yourself and between you and others.

After reaching this state of harmony it is easy to recognize that you are no different from an opponent, and thus need not fear other people. Developing internal harmony will also lead to the ability to read another person’s body movements. Understanding the laws of human body movements can then be used to effectively understand an opponent’s intentions. If an opponent’s intentions are known they again cease to be an object of fear.

Just as it is impossible to truly love another if you do not first love yourself, it is also impossible to move or control an opponent unless you first become conscious of how you yourself move.